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December 2019: Congratulations to Debapratim, Gopal and Aniruddha for the recent publication in Chem Asian J on Synthesis of highly substituted 2-pyridones using fluorinated diazomalonate!

August 2019: Our paper in Chem Commun on "Regiocontrolled direct C4 and C2-methyl thiolation of

indoles under rhodium catalyzed mild conditions" becomes one of the top 10% highly cited paper for the year 2018. Congratulations to Saurabh and Ujjwal!!

July 2019: We welcome Subarna as our new PhD student. Wish him all the best for his new journey! Welcome Pintu and Kalyan as Master Project students! Good Luck.

May 2019: Gopal and Souryaban defended their master thesis's successfully. Congratulations!!

Well done Bidhan!! Best wishes for his recent publication in Chem Commun on Rh(III)-catalyzed arylation of 8-methyl/formyl quinoline using diazo compounds.

March 2019: Debapratim has defended his PhD thesis successfully! Congratulations!! Wish you all the best for your coming future Dr. Debapratim.

February 2019: Best Wishes to Ujjwal for his recent publication in J Org Chem  on Pd(II)-catalyzed direct sulfonylation of benzylamines!

January 2019: Congratulations to Aniruddha and Souradip  for their recent work in Chem Eur J on Rh(III)- catalyzed step-economic synthesis of N-PAH derivatives.

November 2018: Congratulations to Debapratim and Aniruddha for representing RS group in J-NOST, held in IICT, Hyderbad.

September 2018: Saurabh has moved to University of Gottingen, Germany in Prof Tietze's group for his next post-doctoral work. Best of luck!


August 2018: Congratulations to Saurabh, Debapratim and Souradip for their recent publication in Org Lett on C5 arylation of 2-pyridone.

July 2018: RS Group welcomes Ratul and Satabdi as PhD students! Gopal and Souryaban started their master thesis work! Best of Luck!

June 2018: An invited article was published in the special issue of "Homogeneous Catalysis from       Young Investigators of Asia" of Chem Asian J. Congratulations to Bidhan and Aniruddha!

May 2018: Congratulations to Anirban and Harish for successfully defending their Master's thesis!

Welcome Gopal and Souryaban as Summer Project Students.

March 2018: Congratulations to Aniruddha for his recent publication in Eur J Org Chem  on site-selective alkylation of indole with electronically different diazo compounds!

January 2018: RS Group welcomes Souradip as PhD student!

December 2017: Well Done Debapratim! His recent work has been published in Adv Synth Catal  on Ir(III)-catalyzed regioselective 2-pyridone amidation.

November 2017: Congratulations to Saurabh and Ujjwal for their recent publication in Chem Commun  on Rh(III)-catalyzed site-selective thiolation of indole!

September 2017: Congratulations to Aniruddha and Anurima for their recent publication in J Org Chem  on Rh(III)-catalyzed direct synthesis of quinolone from pyridone!

August 2017: Congratulations to Aniruddha, Ujjwal and Shiny for their recent publication in J Org Chem  on copper-catalyzed amination of N-oxides using anthranil!

June 2017: Congratulations to Ujjwal and Debapratim for their recent publication in Eur J Org Chem  on Iridium-Catalysed Cascade Synthesis of Oxindoles Using Diazo Compounds!

May 2017: Shiny and Akshoy have successfully defended their Master's thesis! Good luck for their next journey.

March 2017: Congratulations to Debapratim, Puja and Saurabh for their recent publication in J Org Chem  on C6-Selective Arylation of 2-Pyridones and Related Heterocycles Using Quinone Diazides!

September 2016: RS Group welcomes Dr. Saurabh Maiti as National Post Doctoral Fellow!

August 2016: Congratulations to Aniruddha and Ujjwal for their recent publication in Chem Eur J  on Copper catalyzed C2-alkylation and cyclocondensation of quinoline N-oxides with diazo esters!

July 2016: RS Group welcomes Shiny and Akshoy for their Master's project!

May 2016: RS Group congratulates Puja and Anurima for successfully defending their thesis! Best of luck for their doctoral work.

January 2016:  Congratulations to Dabapratim, Aniruddha and Ujjwal for bringing first publication  for the group in J Org Chem  on  2-Pyridone alkylation with diazo esters!

July 2015: RS Group welcomes Puja and Anurima for their Master's project and Aniruddha for his doctoral study!

May 2015: RS Group congratulates Aniruddha and Ravi Teja for successfully defending their thesis! Best of luck!

July 2014: RS Group welcomes Debapratim for his doctoral study and Aniruddha and Ravi Teja for their Master thesis. We are growing!

January 2014: Our first student joins the group! Welcome Ujjwal for his doctoral study!

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