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Methods In Molecular Complexity

One PhD student position is available.

Postdocs who are interested can write us directly with their CV



July 2024: Welcome Sayantan, Kuntal and Maheswar for their PhD and Arghya, SayanDiptanil for


their masters' projects! Best of luck for their next journey! 

June 2024: Congratulations to Sarbojit and Dr. T K Pradhan for their recent review published in Chem Asian J on macrocyclization!

Congratulations to Satabdi for successfully defending her synopsis seminar!

May 2024: Congratulations to Raktim, Priyonu, and Biki for successfully defending their Master's thesis.


Best of luck with their next journey! 

We welcome Arghya, SayanDiptanil and Jaspinder for their summer project!


April 2024: Congratulations to Souradip, Subarna and Arnadeep for their publication on Rh(II)-catalyzed N2-selective arylation of benzotriazole using quinoid carbene in Chem commun.


March 2024: Congratulations to RS for joining as an "Editorial Board Member" of "Tetrahedron and Tetrahedron Letters"!


February 2024: Congratulations to Subarna for the book chapter written in springer-nature on copper catalysed heterocycle functionalizations!

January 2024: Many congratulations to Satabdi for winning ACS Catal. Best poster Prize at Indo French Conference (FCSB- 2024) conference at University of Hyderabad.

Aug 2023: Congratulations to Souradip, Aniruddha, Sarbojit, and Bortika for their publication on Weakly Coordinating tert-Amide Assisted Rh(III)-Catalyzed C4-Cyanation of Indoles in Chem commun.


Welcome Priyonu, Raktim, and Biki for their Master's projects.


July 2023: Congratulations to Satabdi for her recently invited review on the C-C bond formations using copper-carbene in Synthesis!

June 2023: Welcome Priyonu, Raktim, Subhajit and Debabrata for their summer internship!

May 2023: Congratulations to Uttam, Saimuddin, and Neeraj for successfully defending their Masters' theses.


Best wishes for their next journey!

April 2023: Congratulations to Subarna and Suparna for their publication on Rh(II)-Catalyzed N-Arylation of 2-Pyridone via 1,6 benzoyl migratory rearrangement in Org Lett!

March 2023: Congratulations to Satabdi and Aniruddha for their publication on Pd(II)-Catalyzed Oxidative Naphthylation of 2-Pyridone in Org Lett!


February 2023: Welcome Arnadeep for his internship!

January 2023: Welcome Souvik for his PhD journey. Wish you all the best for the coming days!

December 2022: Congratulations to RS for being selected for Thieme Chemistry Journal Award.

November 2022: Congratulations to Satabdi, Sanhita for their publication on 2-pyridone directed oxidative annulation in Org Lett!

Aug 2022: Welcome Uttam, Saimuddin and Neeraj for their Master's projects!!! 


June 2022: Congratulations to Souradip for his publication on synthesis of azacoumestans via migratory insertion of metal-carbene using diazoquinone in Org Lett!


May 2022: Congratulations to Modhurima, Tushar and Deepak for successfully completing their MSc projects.


February 2022: Congratulations to Aniruddha and Subarna for their publication on heterobiaryl synthesis using 1-diazonaphthoquinone in Org Lett!


December 2021: Many Congratulations to Satabdi for winning Chem Comm Best poster Presentation Prize at Recent Trends in Chemical Sciences - Organic & Bio-Chemistry (RTCS-OBC 2021) conference by Indian Chemical Society.

November 2021: Heartiest Congratulations to Aniruddha for successfully defending his thesis!! Best of luck for your future...

Congratulations to Bidhan, Satabdi and Pintu for their recent publication on macrocyclization based on migratory insertion in Chem Commun!

Congratulations to Subarna, Souradip and Bidhan for their recent effort in summarizing the literature on transition metal catalysed 2-pyridone construction in Org. Biomol. Chem!

October 2021: Congratulations to Satabdi for her book chapter in "Handbook of C-H Functionalization"

August 2021: Congratulations to Satabdi for her recent work on migratory insertion based N-arylation published in ACS Catal.


July 2021: Welcome Bortika for her PhD and Madhurima, Tushar and Deepak for their Master's projects!!! Wish you all the best for your coming days..


May 2021: Congratulations to Satabdi and Souradip for compiling the recent literature on synthetic transformations using quinone diazide based metal-carbenes in the invited review of New J. Chem for "Emerging Investigators 2021"!


April 2021: Congratulations to Satabdi and Aniruddha for summarizing our group's effort on migratory insertion of metal-carbenes/nitrenes in Chem Rec as a personal account!

January 2021: Welcome Subhenira!!! Best wishes for your PhD journey...

​November 2020: Many Congratulations to Ujjwal for completing his PhD journey! Best wishes for your future journey...

October 2020: Heartiest Congratulations to Bidhan for his successful PhD defense! Best of luck for

 your next journey....

September 2020: Congratulations to Ujjwal for his recent publication on 2-pyridone arylation in Org. Biomol. Chem!

We welcome our new graduate students Sanhita and Suparna! Best of luck....

July 2020: Congratulations to Pintu and Kalyan for completing their master's thesis successfully! RS group wishes them all the best for their next career!!

June 2020: Congratulations to Aniruddha, Saurabh and Subarna for their effort to summarize recent literature on direct 2-pyridone functionalizations beyond C3-selectivity as a mini-review in Chem. Asian J. during this difficult time!

March 2020: Congratulations to Bidhan for the best poster award in ETCS 2020 conference!!

February 2020: Congratulations to Souradip for the best poster award in FSSM 2020 conference from RSC!!

January 2020: Congratulations to Aniruddha, Satabdi for their recent work in Chem Commun on indole C4 arylamination/annulation using anthranil!

Welcome to new PhD student Sarbojit in RS group!! Best of Luck!!


Dr. Rajarshi Samanta

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Kharagpur - 721302, India
Phone: +913222-283310 (Office)


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